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Aesthetic Content's family of brands support the work of independent designers, and reflect our love of clean lines, sustainable materials, craftsman quality and affordable prices. Join us on our our journey to bring beautiful furnishings and extraordinary fragrances to this century's homes. We are proudly...

MODERN | Founded from a passion for modern living, we honor simple and unornamented forms, eco-friendly materials, enduring quality and subtle detailing.

SPIRITED | Full of dynamic fragrance and intriguing surprises, our products explore color, texture & pattern with metallic touches, uncommon ingredients and smart adornmentation. 

HONEST | Our luxury candles and décor are crafted to be lasting, authentic products, supported by conscientious manufacturing, reliable shipping and exceptional customer care.

FORWARD | As a brand, we celebrate diversity, creativity, and up-trend inspiration, embracing the open, distinctive and creative ideas & expressions of designers worldwide. 

Artisan made. Honest ingredients. Easily enjoyed.

Aesthetic Content designs and hand-selects home furnishings, gifts, textiles and decor that are softly modern, a little quirky, and a lot chic, featuring unique materials, hand-drawn patterns and a contemporary bohemian vibe. Each item is made by hand in a designer's studio or artisan workshop, selected for their special designs, proportions and quality.

The ACDC Candle Co. produces luxury home fragrances, scented soy candles and aroma-diffusion technology, filling rooms and homes with long-lasting fragrance. Hand crafted in the USA from cosmetic-quality ingredients we ensure they are free from dyes, pesticides, parabens and sulfates. Explore the unique and complex fragrances that make our point of view so special.

Bon Sábon means 'good soap' and with this purpose, we've gathered the world's best bath & body products, cleansers and fragrances into a uniquely special apothecary shop. Bon Sabon showcases the best handmade bath & beauty products, luxury personal & home fragrances, scented gifts and natural cleaning supplies from North America, Europe & Oceania. Find our curated selection of artisan quality, natural ingredients, custom created gifts and beautiful packaging in a gorgeous boutique like no other. Coming soon to the web (and don't be surprised to see us pop up nearby.)


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