Get to Know Neroli

You know that amazing scent you can't place, that is both sweet and bitter, a blend of heavenly floral and crisp citrus? It smells like an orange grove - both honeyed and green? Meet neroli oil, steam-distilled from the flowers of the bitter orange tree. 

Neroli Blossom Home Fragrance

The trees, mainly found around the Mediterranean in Italy and Southern France, produce white blossoms in Springtime. It takes one ton of flowers to produce one quart of oil, making it one of the most expensive and treasured essential oils.

First popularized by Marie Orsini, the princess of Nerola, Italy during the 17th century, to scent her gloves and bath water. As it grew in popularity, the scent became so widespread that people referred to it as neroli, a blend of the names of its home base and founder.

In aromatherapy circles, it is thought to be both calming and uplifting, used by some to combat anxiety and depression.

To us, it's a bright and happy fragrance, whether standing alone or mixed with fresh basil leaves and white musk in our No. 63 candle and home fragrance oil. Explore the whole family here.

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